How can I become a member of


You can become a memberbyclickingthe "Register" buttonandfilling in thepersonalinformationandaddressinformationrequiredformembership.


Do I pay anyfeeswhen I become a member?


No, you do not pay anythingformembership.


I forgotmypassword, whatshould I do?


Ifyouhavebeen a member of our site before but forgotyourpassword; Enteryour e-mail address in the "memberlogin" sectionandclickthe "forgotpassword" button. Inthisway, youwillreceive an e-mail tocreateyournewpassword. You can renewyourpassword in linewiththedirection of theincoming e-mail.


How can I


Youshouldclick on the "addtocart" button of theproductyouwantto buy on the site. Then, whenyougotoyourcart, you can place an orderbychoosingyourpersonalinformation, addressinformationandpaymentmethod.


Is it safetoshop at


Thesecurity of ourvisitors' personalinformation is veryimportantto us. usesthehighestsecuritymeasuresforthecollectionandstorage of personaldata. Yourcreditcardinformation is sent tobanks in an encryptedmannerand is not storedby in anyway.


Whatways can I pay at thecheckoutpage?


Fromthepaymentpage, you can pay bychoosingone of theways: creditcard, debitcard, cash at thedoor, creditcard at thedoor, moneyorderoreft.


I can'tadd a producttothecart, whatshould I do?


Youshouldtry a differentbrowserthantheoneyouusefirst. You can trybrowserssuch as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, MozillaFirefoxetc. Ifyouhavethesame problem whenyoutryfrom a differentbrowser, youshouldclearyour internet historyandtryagain. Ifthe problem is still not resolved, we ask youtoreportthe problem to [email protected].


I wanttocancelmymembership, how can I do?


Whenyouwanttocancelyourmembership, you can send an e-mail to [email protected].


When I create an order, an errormessageappears on thescreen. How can I solvethis problem?


Insuch a case, werecommendthatyoufirstclearyourbrowser'shistoryandtryagain. Ifthe problem stillpersists, we ask youtoreporttheerrorvia e-mail to [email protected]


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