Are the products sold original?


All of the products offered for sale on are original.


Do theprices of theproductsinclude VAT?


VAT is included in thesalesprices of allproductssold on


Whatshould I do iftheproduct I ordered is thewrong size, coloror model?


If the product is different from the size, model or color you ordered, you can change it by contacting our customer service viat he whatsapp supportline +905452442033


I created a neworder, can I changemyorder?


For you rorders on, if your order has not been delivered to the cargo yet, you can change it by contacting our customer service via the whatsapp supportline at +905452442033


Can I change the address to which my order will be delivered?


Checkifyourorder has beenshipped. Iftheproductyouordered has not beendeliveredtothecargo, you can changethedeliveryaddress. Forthis, you can reachcustomerservicesviathewhatsappsupportline at +905452442033


The product I wantto buy is sold out, will it be on sale again?


Duetotheconstantrenewal of ourstocks, theproductsare put on saleagain as long as theseason is not over.


How should I clean my products?


Since productsareproducedfromsensitiveandtechnologicalfabrics, cleaningshould be doneaccordingtothewashinganddryinginstructions on eachproduct.


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